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A place to explore wild nature and ancient cultures 

Explore Hidden spots of Talamanca coast, one of the highlights of the greatest biodiversity in Costa Rica, with different types of flora and fauna of the area, crossing primary and secondary forests.

Yorkin is a remote hidden paradise in the mountains of Talamanca, located in the Bribri Indigenous Reserve. The only way to access is enjoying one hour Indigena handmade boat ride where you will be surrounded by panoramic views, birds, flora and fauna , or walking for about 3 hours.
Entering in exotic territories and sharing directly with the local tribes, makes this tour one of the best of its kind.

If you’re Coming to Costa Rica you must taste the local chocolate. 
For this reason we offer you the sweetest tour we have. 
You are currently in one of the best areas of the country where many different plants are growing with a lot of different proprieties, from the cacao plant to the medicinal plants. 
By the end of this tour you will have a wide knowledge of the Bribri culture, one of the last tribe still present in the country.


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