Hostel Playa 506

Playa 506

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Hostel Playa 506| Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica | Beachfront Hotel 🌴

Mix Rooms

Our mix dorm rooms consists of 4 bunkbeds. Each dorm is equipped with personal lockers (must bring your own lock) and a private night light by each bed. The outdoor style bathrooms are shared and located in the back of the facility next to the dorms. 

  • Airport transportation
  • Breakfast Included
  • Beachfront
  • Wi-Fi Free
  • Parking lot Free
  • Open bar

Private Rooms

We also offer private rooms of one and two beds. Each room has a shared bathroom. 

One of the private rooms has a bunk bed and a private bathroom inside of the room. Perfect for friends or couples who wants more privacy.

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