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Beachfront Hotel in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica

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Eat, sleep, relax and discover the South Caribbean with Playa 506

Playa 506

Bienvenido! Welcome to our small piece of heaven on the Caribbeanside of Costa Rica.

To help you settlein, let’sjust mention a few factors that help us all keep our dedication to a sustainable world.

1.Water: Hot and cold showers are available, enjoy andconserve aspossible.
2.Toilets:We don’t have sewers in this townso we’d appreciate it if you’d place all toilet tissue in the waste basket provided. Any feminine hygiene products should be placed there as well.
3.Lights: Please turn off lightswhen youare not in our room. It helps conserve energy.Same with fans and A/Cs.
4.Kitchen facilities are provided near the dorm area. You are welcome to use all cookery utensils givenas well as the large refrigerator for storing perishables. You can label your items with a marker provided. When check-out any foods you are planning to leave behind, there is a box there so other can use it and it not thrown away. Please leave the area as clean as you found it so we can all enjoy the space.
5.Dorms have lockers. Useyour own lockor get one at reception desk for a fee.
6.In case you forgot something, we carry at the reception most toiletries.
7.Hours: Quiet hoursbetween 11:00pmand 6:00am. We ask thatyou respect all guests by maintaining this rule. Again: partiersand retreatants can get along well with a few tiny rules of engagement.
8.Shoes: Please leave shoes outside of dorms and rooms. It keeps the sand down to a minimum.
9.This is a Smokefree space: you can go outside the main gate or to the beach to smoke.

A refundable $20 securitydeposit covers any unforeseen challenges.

Help us achieve our goals on behalf of the Blue Flag Program to attainsustainable awareness. Simple things like reducingwaterand electricityconsumptionas well as reusing and recyclinghelps Playa 506 to gain a climate change recognition!

Video by Florian Kunz / 2017 / Since then we have improved a lot, thanks to you 🙂

Information and reservations: WhatsApp +(506)-8593-7485

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Playa 506 Beachfront Hotel in Costa Rica. The Caribbean of Costa Rica, Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Linón